About Us

Welcome to Dhaaga Culture Online Store

Dhaaga, when handled with care and expertise, by the magic weavers in the hidden and unexplored streets of India, can be transformed into beautiful and admirable masterpieces.

Weaving is an age old tradition which has been passed down through generations. The known history of Indian handwoven textiles goes back to almost 5,000 years and many of the weaves are still continued to be woven in an unbroken, living tradition. Handwoven dresses and robes were presented to the royalties and were considered exquisite & majestic.

“Dhaaga Culture” family encompasses craftsmen and weavers from all over India who are masters in skills of weaving, creating handloom clothing and whose families have been such maestros for centuries. Their ancestors have passed on the intricate and intriguing skills of weaving through many many generations.

At Dhaaga Culture, we relish the uniqueness of handloom sarees, handcrafted jewellery and anything and everything that is handmade, with utmost expertise and wish to bring carefully curated collections to those with impeccable taste who understand the value of such masterpieces!
Wearing a handloom saree is like wearing poetry with magnificent details and effortless fluidity on ones body. Such grace and grandeur from 6 meters of fabric!!

We have worked hard to build this family of magicians and connoisseurs with whom we have created a fairyland for those who adore and rejoice draping these wonders. We wish to create a space for those who have exemplary taste in sarees and who cherish and admire the traditional artform of India.

The craft, the finesse, the artistry and mastery is what we at “Dhaaga Culture” strive for!